Action Toys 7″ Machine Robo Bike Robo (“Cy-Kill”) Appears at Robo Toy Base

Online retailer Robo Toy Base has received the fresh 7″ iteration of Machine Robo Bike Robo from Action Toys in stock. This larger figure eschews the previous release’s anime-based styling and includes alternate faces derived from the Hanna Barbera GoBot Cy-Kill design, potentially making it a seamless addition to your Transformers Masterpiece shelf.

We first heard about the larger scale and had our first peek at the new Bike Robo in July. The Action Toys lineup is fully licensed under Bandai’s Machine Robo brand, although the Cy-Kill faces included can only be considered an unofficial nod. See the Robo Toy Base listing to snag yourself a Bike Robo (or Cy-Kill) or just peruse the images courtesy of the listing below.

Thanks to Allspark member Jim Sorenson for this tip! If you’ve been waiting for this release, come share your thoughts in our GoBots / Machine Robo thread on the Allspark Forums! Alternately, come chat us up in realtime in our Discord server.