Yahoo! Movies Interviews Bumblebee Star Hailee Steinfeld

In a three-minute video interview, Hailee Steinfeld discusses the appeal of working with animation-oriented director Travis Knight, the challenge of working in a film populated by CGI characters, and her excitement in bringing the Charlie character to life.
We’ve seen some of Steinfeld’s reflection before on the appeal of working on a film with Travis Knight. In this interview, she explains that it was Knight’s background and his complete directorial vision for how the film would come together and look that attracted her interest in the project. She also expresses once again the challenge of working with CGI characters but seems positive about her results.

And the process of making it, I mean the challenge of not acting with, uh, humans, was something that stood out to me, and it was no doubt a challenge, but I loved every minute of it, and I’m very excited to see how it turns out.

Steinfeld also discusses her pride in the character she’d created in Charlie, and her decision to tweet out in-costume set photos before any official release.

I had created this character with the help of my director and the team, so I was really excited to share.

You can see the full interview at Yahoo! Movies.
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