Video Review of Transformers Authentics Figures

From YouTuber chefatron we now have an in-hand video review of the first four figures in the new Transformers Authentics line: Autobot Optimus Prime, Autobot Bumblebee, Decepticon Megatron, and Decepticon Starscream. The Authentics line has made its global retail debut this week at brick and mortar in the Philippines, and chefatron picked up his figures at a Manila Toys R Us for the price of 299.75 Philippine pesos each (approximately $5.94 USD). These figures are slightly larger than the current Legends Class in Transformers: Generations.

The Authentics line utilizes “evergreen” designs—an industry term for product not tied to any specific yearly line and therefore can be sold on store shelves at any time of year without needing to be refreshed. The evergreen designs for Optimus Prime and Starscream have, respectively, already debuted in fiction in IDW Publishing’s Optimus Prime and Till All Are One comic series.

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