Titans Return Arcee Spotted at NY Toys “R” Us

While fans are still camped out on the Toys “R” Us website for its apparent release of Titans Return Grotusque, previous TRU and Hascon exclusive Arcee has shown up in at least one brick-and-mortar store in Brooklyn. Click through for details!

According to BWTF.com, a fan named Bowser A. Flatliner saw the Arcees and snapped the photo below:

Arcee was listed at $26.99, two dollars over her standard retail price. Even if you’re not near a physical TRU location, however, you can still as of this writing purchase Arcee on the company’s website.
Hilariously, both Arcee and Grotusque come in packaging that’s identical on the exterior, so if TRU ever decides to release the highly sought-after Monsterbot in stores, you’d never know unless you bought ’em all.