The Transformers: The Movie Production Storyboards Up For Auction!

A rare piece of Transformers history has been listed for auction on eBay – a full set of production storyboards for 1986’s The Transformers: The Movie! Read on for details on the item and the auction!

Here’s the lowdown on the storyboards direct from the seller:

This is an original set of storyboards for the 1986 Transformers Animated Movie. These were obtained from the Sunbow studio back in the late 1980’s and kept in a dry, smoke-free environment far from harmful UV. This is the “Reduction Master Storyboard”, meaning it is one of the earliest generations of storyboards made during the production the film. (Storyboards are generally illustrated quite large; to make them more portable, and thus more convenient to be referenced, they are REDUCED in size to fit four illustrations to a page. Hence, “Reduction Master”)

The storyboard script features deleted scenes and incredible production artwork. It also offers a fascinating glimpse at what’s NOT in the movie, as some scenes were boarded and then cut BEFORE the creation of the Reduction Masters, or updated by the artist to reflect changes in the flow of the film. The legacy of these changes are represented by a blank square labeled “Out”.

The storyboards are approximately 500 pages long, each page double sided. The storyboards were created to plan out the design of every shot in the film. (It does not include ALL the known deleted scenes as some had already been cut by this point) The set does have some minor wear & wear to the edges, it is over 30 years old! A rare opportunity to get an amazing Transformers holy grail item. The boards have been authenticated by noted Transformers expert Jim Sorenson.

You can check out the eBay listing here. We’ve mirrored a selection of images of the boards below, and you can check out a larger gallery here.
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