The Spark in Review: Dec. 8, 2017

After a weekend of technical details, we returned to a short but interesting week. TakaraTomy has released stock images for the Power of the Primes lineup, with no sign of Legends branding – or any differences from the US releases. Meanwhile, Studio Series sees a gradual reveal and The Full Force interviews former Transformers Brand Manager Mark Weber.
Toy News and Reveals:
Power of the Primes continues its inexorable rollout. MoonracerSludge, Snarl, Blackwing, and Rippersnapper have hit stock photos in the US, while Power of the Primes is opening to Japanese e-retailers with no sign of regional difference save for the possibility that some combiner members will be reserved for possible box sets. The movie-oriented Studio Series has had some leaks and reveals, with clear images of Leader Blackout appearing, alongside more obscured images of Brawlastator and Megatron, adding to the overall picture of a fastidiously film-accurate, sophisticated lineup with very complex transformations.
An interview with former Transformers GBrand Manager Mark Weber offers some insights into the development and vision of Combiner Wars and how it led to the Prime Wars Trilogy, as well as his intended plans for the Generations slot beyond that cycle.
In a special, personal twist of the knife for fans of flying gophers everywhere, the exclusive Titans Return Grotusque has appeared on the Toys R Us website – unavailable for purchase. Meanwhile, Transformers Authentics, the evergreen-styled successor to Cyberverse and bargain-chain repacked Legends releases, has appeared in the Philippines.
Comics, Games, and Media:
IDW’s debut of Snake Eyes as a female character sold out and necessitated a second run, a good sign for any shakeup event in an ongoing comic. IDW have also released their shipping list for December 12 and previews for Optimus Prime #14 and ROM & the Micronauts #1.
Outside of IDW’s offerings, Dinosaucers makes a return from the chopping block of mediocre cartoons of the late 1980s into a comic miniseries, reminding us all that truly anything is possible.
Regular Items:
See last week’s Allspark Art Showcase for a double-header including a uniquely inventive custom paint job for Titans Return Megatron by member lastmaximal, and another selection of monstrous creatures by Erik Kowalick. You can also see last week’s news.
My choice of the forum quote of the week, I’m reluctant to confess, comes from fellow news staffer Dracula, who had this to say in response to Machinima’s Titans Return Windblade, during a moment of the latter’s indignation at a certain turbo-revving old punk who doesn’t seem to believe he puts on his wheels one tire at a time like the rest of us:

HANG ON LET ME STOP YOU RIGHT THERE, GAME OF THRONES. This needs unpacking. Are wheels like shoes in Transformers world? Do you take them off when you enter your house? Are there different types of wheels for different occasions? What does a slipper wheel look like? Also, Windblade, your phrase implies that you put a wheel on by first putting on the tire. I am skeptical that you understand how wheels work.

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