The Spark in Review: Dec. 1, 2017

It’s a week of toy news and licensed oddities this time around at the Allspark. Video reviews have been surfacing for first-wave figures in every class of Power of the Primes, and unexpected partnerships have brought about some unexpected merchandise.

Toy News and Reveals:
MPM-5 Masterpiece Barricade’s packaging and instructions have been leaked, giving us even more to salivate over for this upcoming third new-mold Movie Masterpiece figure.
Power of the Primes is launching in full swing, and while rumors circulate as to TakaraTomy’s treatment of the line, reviews of the US releases of Voyagers Grimlock and Starscream, Leader Optimus Prime, and the first assortment of Prime Masters have appeared on YouTube. Meanwhile, TakaraTomy wraps up their Headmaster fare in Legends, as comic scans surface for the freshly released Sixshot, Misfire, Doublecross, and Broadside and packaging images have been leaked for the Legends God Ginrai box set.
Though it’s no Street Fighter x Transformers, there’s a lot of news this week on licensed fare. A display for TakaraTomy’s new Star Wars Transformers line appeared at Tokyo Comic Con, giving us a look at the upcoming Millennium Falcon – sadly, a single vehicle-mode image in unpainted preproduction form. New stock images have been released for the upcoming Downtown retool of Fortress, recasting the giant Headmaster as a popular Japanese comedy duo. An apparently TakaraTomy-initiated Shattered Glass Rodimus T-shirt also appeared, making one of the few cases this character has appeared outside Fun Publications media, and distinctly not based on his Rodimus Unicronus interpretation in Power of the Primes. An advertisement from Casio in partnership with TakaraTomy sadly has no physical tie-in, but features one of Casio’s heroic watches transforming into the rugged, shock-resistant Optimus Prime. Meanwhile, Transformers G1-themed Moleskine notebooks are now available for preorder, due April.
Outside the robbit sphere, there’s a little news in Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters, as new toy stock images have been released.
Comics, Games, and Media:
IDW has released their shipping list for December 6, as well as full previews for Lost Light #11 and ROM vs. Transformers #5.
Forged to Fight was listed as one of their most competitive games in the Google Play Store’s review of 2017’s bests, while G1 Megatron has been introduced to the game in a form resembling his Combiner Wars mold.
Production storyboards for Transformers: The Movie (1986) have appeared on eBay, with some selective peeks within the 500 pages of contents revealed in the auction gallery. Bidding starts at $5000 US, so some dedicated fan is going to have a lovely gallery of scans to share.
One last item outside the robbit sphere worthy of note is that the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War has been released.
Regular Items:
Last week’s Allspark Art Showcase is near and dear to my heart, as master modeler WorkbenchManiac returns with an incredible build of a decidedly lackluster Shapeways model kit. Come back tomorrow for our next feature! You can also check out last week’s news if you’re feeling the holiday pressure and want to live in November a little longer.
Our quote of the week comes from Allspark member Fishbug, explaining the deep, nostalgic attachment adult collectors have to foil stickers on their Transformers figures:

The reason you see so many G1 TFs being sold without stickers is because the owner loved stickers so much that they kept them and sold the toy.