The End of “Make Mine Takara”? Dengeki Hobby Solicits Unchanged TakaraTomy Releases for Power of the Primes

Dengeki Hobby has released a lengthy reveal on the opening waves of TakaraTomy’s Power of the Primes, and the surprising lack of surprises offers one more confirmation for rumors about TakaraTomy’s treatment of the upcoming line, which seems to be a straight import of Hasbro’s including names and decos – with a few tantalizing omissions.
You know the drill: whether it’s under the Generations, Unite Warriors, or Legends brand, TakaraTomy have always had their own set of priorities with the lineup of figures Hasbro markets as Generations. The figures are a bit pricier even domestically, with more lavish paint budgets and none of Hasbro’s recently-adopted foil stickers. Accuracy to media sources is paramount, without the concessions to classic toy decos that Hasbro often makes – even when the media source the character hails from is US-exclusive, like The Rebirth or the IDW comics. Gimmicks may be refactored, sculpts might be adjusted, and in the occasional case like Computron, whole characters might be approached from entirely different base molds. The just-completed Titans Return treatment cannibalized whole pricepoints into accessories for other figures and introduced a slew of new-mold partner figures.
Choosing between Hasbro and TakaraTomy releases of figures is a personal balancing act for fans, a careful weighing of budget, preferred source material, and impressions of the gestalt effect of a figure once it hits preorder galleries or video reviews. And that’s before considering differences of packaging presentation, instructions, or pack-ins.
Enter Power of the Primes.

Dengeki Hobby’s solicitation for the TakaraTomy Power of the Primes lineup reveals no surprises for anyone familiar with Hasbro’s US presentation. The lineup includes Prime Masters Micronus Prime, Vector Prime, and Liege Maximo; Legends Dinobot Slash, Windcharger, and Beachcomber; Deluxe Jazz; and Leaders Rodimus Prime and Optimus Prime, all using the US names and with the same Prime Master and Spark Core lore. The “Legends” branding is nowhere to be seen, replaced with the “Transformers Generations” brand. The photographs are indistinguishable from the US releases. And if the images themselves are placeholders awaiting finalized TakaraTomy decos, they’re not a one-off; is using stock images from the same gallery.
A few selected images below include unchanged presentation for the Prime Masters, our new Dinobot friend Slash, an animation-inaccurate Orion Pax, and a foil-sticker-slathered Hot Rod.

There are some notable omissions here, of course. There are no Dinobots aside from Slash, and no Voyager figures at all, which hints the combiners might launch under another release strategy. That could hint at a return of Unite Warriors … or simply indicate as-yet-unsolicited box sets in the style of Unite Warriors, but under this Power of the Primes brand and presentation. Jazz is present, combiner fist and all, but his fellow combiner component without a combiner team, Starscream, is absent. While the bulk of the line seems destined for strict parity with the Hasbro releases, there’s still some room to speculate on where these missing molds might be going.
Have your own theory about the missing combiners, or your own feelings on a newly unified and Hasbro-driven treatment for the Generations lineup? Join our discussion in the TakaraTomy PotP Rumors thread. If you’re a new release yourself, stop here first to create an account.