TakaraTomy Legends Rereleases Are Shipping – Wheelie, Scourge, Blurr

Twitter user TAABOU’S TOYBOX reports that TakaraTomy Legends Wheelie, Scourge, and Blurr from the recent reissue have begun to ship, with in-hand photos. Chosen as candidates for rerelase in a fan poll alongside Chromedome and Fortress Maximus, the trio attracted enough preorders to launch a second run, with Windblade, Arcee, and Ultra Magnus still to come.

Stock for some online retailers may not have filtered out just yet, but it’s a good sign for anyone waiting on preorders for these figures.
Are you anxiously waiting on a happy surprise at the door? If so … does this news help or make it worse? See the original post or come talk about the news in our TakaraTomy Legends thread. Thanks to the Allspark’s much-anticipated high-demand item Powered Convoy for this news.