Steinfeld and Cena: Bee Movie Wonderful, Difficult

If you’re hungry for news on Bumblebee: The Movie, pull up a chair because Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena are ready to serve you some snacks. 
Speaking to IGN, Pitch Perfect alumna Steinfeld (starring in the film as Bumblebee’s human sidekick Charlie Watson) discussed the challenges of sharing scenes with an imaginary robot and her hopes that hardcore TF fans will find something to love in this digression from the Bay movies we’ve seen so far.
Wrestler and animated bull John Cena plays a role in the film that is as yet not confirmed, though rumour has it he may be joining up with the 80s branch of Sector 7. He tells Digital Spy that he took the role to challenge himself and show us something we haven’t seen from him before. He describes the movie as “a wonderful reboot of the franchise” which we can probably assume isn’t really intended to mean literally rebooty, so it may be too early get into some kind of continuity panic about the original series being erased from canon.
Filming recently wrapped and we can expect to see our favourite lazy Cliffjumper predeco back on the big screen from December 21st, 2018! If you’re keen to discuss the news, our forums are the place to bee!