Power of the Primes Rodimus Prime Video Review

Taiwan-based reviewer Kevin Liu has released a review of Power of the Primes Leader Class Rodimus Prime, including comparisons to Titans Return Hot Rod and others and all of Liu’s usual top-class videography, showing off some features hard to detect from still images.

Of note are what appear to be two contrasting shades of red to add a layer of color to the super-robot form, the size of the inner Rodimus figure (actually very large for a supposed Deluxe), some better than average articulation for his price point, and a fairly thrifty and intuitive transformation process, particularly for the inner figure.

If the signs so far are to be believed, Rodimus will, like the rest of Power of the Primes, release with a 1:1 parity between the US and TakaraTomy versions, so the review is probably representative of both releases. The mold will, of course, also be released in Shattered Glass colors (and face sculpts) as Rodimus Unicronus.
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