Pete’s Robot Con 2018 Announces Custom Class Figures

Pete’s Robot Convention 2018 has just announced its Custom Class figures. The Custom Class carries on the BotCon event of the same name, but participants will customize regular retail figures, arguably a more authentic starting point. This event will feature the Power of the Primes Deluxe Class Swoop and an unspecified “Pretender shell”.
The custom converts Swoop into his Shattered Glass counterpart. Shattered Glass Swoop was never visually depicted in Fun Publications’ Shattered Glass stories, but the RoboCon 2018 Swoop design follows on from the BotCon 2008 Shattered Glass Grimlock figure utilizing the colors of the Generation 1 saurian cityformer Trypticon.

Thanks to Allsparker and friend of the Con NightViper for sharing this news. You can discuss it and all things RoboCon in our Pete’s Robot Convention 2018 thread.
Update: NightViper has informed us that the unspecified “Pretender shell” may or may not in fact be a Power of the Primes Decoy Armor. An upcoming reveal next week will uncover the identity of the mystery shells.