Packaging Images and Collector Coin for MP-39 Sunstreaker, MP-10B Reissue

Via Snakas, we have a series of packaging and opened images from MP-39 Sunstreaker as well as the set’s Asia-exclusive collector coin. Meanwhile, the MP-10B Black Convoy Reissue confirmed in July is set for release on December 28.

The Sunstreaker gallery includes packaging views and images of the collector coin, plus images of the figure including his stock and supercar vehicle configurations as we’ve previously seen. We can expect the showstopping Lambo to pull up at the end of the month or early into next. You can check out the full entry on Snakas’ blog for more.

Meanwhile, MP-10B, confirmed back in July as a re-release of the 2013 redeco, is set to ship December 28 along with the latest round of Legends figures. You can see Snakas’ blog item for this release as well.

Are either of these imminent releases tickling your fancy? Share your feelings in our Masterpiece discussion thread.
Thanks to Allspark’s Powered Convoy, more than just a pretty paint job, for this news tip.