Package Images for Takara Legends LG54 to LG57

Via Snakas, we now have front and back in-package photos for LG54 Bumblebee & Exo-Suit Spike, LG55 Targetmaster Slugslinger (with Caliburst), LG56 Perceptor (with Ramhorn), and LG57 Octane (with Ghost Starscream) in TakaraTomy’s Transformers Legends line.

Snakas reports that all four figures will be released in Japan Thursday of next week, 28 December 2017, which TakaraTomy Mall affirms.

Thanks to Allspark legend from the end of the age of legends Powered Convoy for alerting us to this news. You can see the original article on Snakas’s blog, then join the discussion on the Allspark Forums here, and if you’re a new user, make sure to get an account here!


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