New Transformers Studio Series Images – Optimus, Starscream, Ratchet, Crowbar

To call the recent leaks of material from Studio Series, the tenth-anniversary film series lineup, a “tease” would be generous. Thanks to Snakas, we have two images from a Hasbro fan event in China offering mostly-clear views of the Crowbar and Optimus Prime figures with Starscream and Ratchet also visible in frame.
 While the images are small and out of focus, they’re not scribbled out or intentionally blurred, which is certainly something.

It’s notable that Prime, Ratchet, and Starscream all appear to match their ’07 movie selves, Starscream lacking his Revenge of the Fallen tattoos.
Starscream appears as rumored to follow the Dark of the Moon Deluxe toy’s transformation, with a somewhat cleaner and more impressive result. Ratchet appears similar to his Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe but is a new mold with an altered transformation. Crowbar, the neglected member of the Dreads in Dark of the Moon alongside Hatchet and Crankcase, was until now represented only by a Legion class police car, and is looking quite tentacular in what we can see from this image.
Thanks to Allspark member Paladin for sharing the find and Snakas for releasing them to the world. You can visit the original post on Snakas’ blog for more information and join the discussion in our Studio Series thread. Who are you hoping to see appear in Studio Series, or which of the revealed figures are you most looking forward to? Come share your thoughts.