MP-39 Sunstreaker Review by Drew C

Some early copies of MP-39 Sunstreaker are beginning to circulate, and new reviewer Drew C received a copy via The Chosen Prime. In a series of short videos, he shows off the vehicle mode features, transformation, accessories, and all the usual bits and bobs.

Some quick boilerplate if you haven’t been watching the Masterpiece space: MP-39 Sunstreaker is designed to pair off neatly with his brother MP-12 Sideswipe in their Lamborghini Countach forms (although the Masterpiece robot-mode aesthetic has shifted somewhat since 2012) so the videos feature comparisons in both modes. Sunstreaker can also be converted without extra parts into a “stock” Countach mode, and comes complete with a Chip Chase figurine and Hoist Goes Hollywood alien mask.

We’ve embedded the first video above, but see the full playlist for all four parts. Then swing by our Masterpiece discussion thread to share your thoughts.