Licensed Flame Toys Transformers Figures and Kits from Toy Soul 2017

Back in July, Flame Toys announced an upcoming model kit line while showing off their nontransforming action figure of Tarn. At Toy Soul 2017, they debuted a preproduction sample of their Star Saber in the same figure lineup, alongside model kit renditions of Prime, Starscream, Hound, and Bumblebee. 
These images from Hong Kong’s Toy Soul 2017 come courtesy of ToysWalker on Facebook. Flame Toys previously released their nontransforming Drift figure, shown here breakdancing, a high-end LED-empowered collectible figure overflowing at the joints with juicy mechanical detailing.

Tarn and Star Saber seem to follow in a very similar vein, keeping close to their existing designs drawn from the IDW comics in fine, mechanical detail, and will very likely keep to Drift’s high-end price point as well.

Meanwhile, the Optimus Prime, Starscream, Bumblebee, and Hound model kits all made an appearance as well. The previously shown Optimus Prime was shown to be developed from art by Studio Trigger’s Akira Amemiya, and all four figures are dynamic, chunky mechanoids with flashy weapons and plenty of pelvic thrust to go around.

Bumblebee appears to go all-in on “nontransforming” with an extreme take on his Action Master helicopter backpack.
Feel the need for a high-end action figure representation of your choice of controversial IDW villain? Or are you, like me, just savoring in your imagination the burning justice and stock footage of the universe these model kits must hail from? Let us know in the Flame Toys thread on the Allspark Forums. And of course, stop by ToysWalker’s Facebook page for more pictures from the event.