Legends LG-52 Misfire Gallery and Review!

Missed shots echo in the Allspark Studios this week, as we take a quick look at LG-52 Misfire!  Continue through after the break to see if this figure is different enough to shell out your hard earned (we assume) money on!

This will not be a full review of the figure, since we already did a Hasbro Misfire review back when the domestic release hit stores.  Let’s cover what is different here:

The first major difference starts with the base color.  I’m horrible with color names, so pardon me if I get this wrong (and just use your eyes for reference 😉 ).  The Hasbro release is a muted magenta.  I love it for what it is, but the Legends Misfire is strikingly different out of the gate.  I assume it is the same base color, but it has more red saturated into it, making it brighter in appearance.  It is so difference that I decided these two figures are different characters cold constructed from the same mold.  Works for me.

A second major difference is the painted detail on the figures.  I counted the numbed of paint ops on the body (not the Titansmasters/Targetmasters) at 24-25 each, but those vary in application such that it is almost hard to believe.  Hasbro took the brilliant approach of using tampoed detail on the shins and wing tips, which mimic the stickers of the original release and really makes the domestic figure stand out from the Takara release, which uses strategically placed, simple paint ops.  Both approaches are great in my opinion.

The Titanmaster Aimless (outside of Japan) is another spot where differences are pronounced.  Takara used quite a bit more paint on their version, painting the lower legs and arms.  The thighs are “white” instead of the black of the Hasbro release.  Lastly, the Takara Titanmaster has a more white face and red optics, as opposed to the slightly purple hue on the Hasbro version, which also sports blue optics.

The final difference is Takara’s inclusion of the update to Misfire’s original Targetmaster partner…Aimless.  He doubles over at the waist, which is different from how Kup and Hotrod’s Targetmasters transform, and his colors nicely approximate the colors from his G1 self.  I would say he was perfect, but I still can’t get over how Takara added ball joints to the knees and swivel joints to the hips.  It’s frustrating to think how poseable the Targetmasters could have been, if not for that one detail.  I still love that they even exist, however, so I’ll try not to dwell on that.
Overall Thoughts
Takara Legends LG-52 Missfire (yes, you read that right, check the botton of this page) and Aimless is a great set for people who absolutely have to have the Targetmaster partners.  It added value comes with Misfire being colored differently enough that he could be another character from the same mold.  Hasbro’s version is also awesome, however, so if the previously mentioned reasons don’t make you interested, skip this guy and buy more domestic toys.  🙂