Hasbro Australia Product Reveal Fan Event Photos via Ozformers

Ozformers site owner griffin shared a series of photos (including some cute comparisons with G1 figures) from a Hasbro Australia event that invited fifteen lucky fans to playtest a selection of Power of the Primes figures, not due for Australian release until July, including some figures as yet unreleased in the US – which were quickly removed from the proceedings.

The fans were told in advance which figures to expect to see in the event, so griffin brought along a selection of figures from his own collection. You may notice a couple of somewhat unexpected inclusions. Likewise, the image of Hasbro’s own spread features some corresponding omissions. Unfortunately, the previously unseen figures were quickly removed and participants didn’t get away with any new information on them.

They did, however, get to play with upcoming Prime Master Alchemist Prime, and the G1 counterparts led to a rather cute sequence of comparison images – griffin includes many more in the Ozformers discussion thread.

The event looks to have been a fun one!

Check out the full series of images and more information in the discussion thread on Ozformers, and join us in the Allspark Forums Power of the Primes thread to discuss all things primely, powerful, and of!