Hasbro Asia Exclusive Gold MP-05G Megatron with Reflector Reappears at BBTS, at Deep Discount

It’s not the “lucky draw” vacuum metalized Golden Lagoon MP-36, but it’ll pass if you squint hard enough: This 2014 redeco of the original Masterpiece Megatron mold sports a crisp gold deco with black and purple accents, includes a miniature Reflector for Megatron to capture those important moments with, and is priced to move at $79.99.

Not all that glitters is gold, and we know this mold has been tarnished somewhat by the years and the release of MP-36, but if you’re interested in a curious exclusive for its own sake, particularly at 60% off its original $200 price tag, check out the item page at BigBadToyStore.
Thanks to Allspark’s own Engledogg for bringing this to our attention. You can see other deals like this or let us know about your own finds in the Hot Deals Thread on the Allspark Forums.