Glimpse of TakaraTomy Transformers Millennium Falcon and Another Look at Darth Vader via Tokyo Comic Con

Twitter user Atto Takaratomytoys has released a couple of photos of upcoming Star Wars Transformers items from TakaraTomy, including another look at the Darth Vader / TIE Advanced figure and a vehicle-form image of the Millennium Falcon figure. Blogger Snakas follows up with three more Falcon images.

We’ve reported previously on the Vader figure, which is here shown in full color and has had some minor deco adjustments since its announcement – while the figure in the case here appears to be a hand-painted sample, it’s a closer match for more recent stock photo releases. The Falcon is known only from alt-mode images and is here a grey preproduction piece.

Update: Blogger Snakas has produced three more images of the Falcon from its display table:

The Darth Vader figure has been seen previously and is available for preorder in various places online, including site sponsors BigBadToyStore and TFSource, solicited for a March release. Little is known about the Falcon. For reference in Vader’s case, here are his promotional stock images, initially appearing on Toys R Us Japan (thanks to Allspark chosen one on a dark path, Powered Convoy, for pointing us to this listing.)

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