GI Joe 3, Micronauts Movies Dated for 2020

Deadline is reporting that Paramount has announced release dates for two upcoming Hasbro movies, pencilling both a third GI Joe movie and the Micronauts into their calendar.
The next Joe movie is slated for March 27, 2020 and Micronauts follows on October 16. 2021 will see Dungeons and Dragons opening on July 23, but it’s not as easy to get excited about that… whatever you may think of the first two GI Joe movies, it’s hard to argue that they were worse than the 2000 D&D film!
Hopefully these movies will add to the rich tapestry of Hasbro’s cinematic universe and pave the way for Rom, MASK, Visionaries, Stretch Armstrong and a new Clue film inspired by the superb IDW run! And isn’t it time for Battleship 2?
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