Dinosaucers to Return for a Five-Issue Comic Miniseries

Good morning, Secret Scouts! Bleeding Cool reports that none other than Dinosaucers is making a comic book return via publisher Lion Forge, written by none other than Michael Uslan, the cartoon’s original creator, and illustrated by Andrew Pepoy. We’re confident that someone, somewhere, certainly must have asked for this.
So if you’ve ever wondered whether we’ve hit the bottom of the 1980s nostalgia fossil bed – keep wondering, because we’ve just broken into a new stratum. The toy show without a toyline, which told its origin story in its opening sequence to avoid the pesky task of writing a first episode, now returns from extinction for a five-issue miniseries, with the ever-present threat of expanding into an ongoing with enough interest.

Thanks to Allspark (and Allsparkle) member Shadewing for this news tip. You can get the details in the Bleeding Cool article or come talk about non-Transformers comic books in our Forum of Solitude.