Allspark Art Showcase of the Week for December 16th 2017

Good afternoon Allspark, it’s not remotely 0600 hours! But there’s no time like the present for this week’s Allspark Art Showcase, where we feature a treatment of Autobot Sqweeks by Allspark member Zamuel that demonstrates the difference small details can make.
Zamuel consciously approached his work on Sqweeks with the intention of keeping the changes subtle and in the details and retaining the original coloration of the paint applications, including the mud and grime detailing, which he’s altered to produce a more realistic, organic, spattered effect. Touchups in the fine details also demonstrate that the difference between a convincing miniature gadget and a chunk of molded plastic isn’t in the sculpt, but in the small details it isn’t practical to paint in a mass-retail toy.

See the details on this project, and the rest of Zamuel’s touchups and tweaks, in Zamuel’s customs thread, and share your thoughts. And while you’re there, if you’re an artist, customizer, or just crafty, you can share your pretty pictures with us in the Iacon Art Institute forums. Your work could be featured in our next Allspark Art Showcase!