Two More Diaclone Accessory Sets Coming in 2018!

Thanks to TakaraTomy and site sponsor BigBadToyStore, we have confirmation of two more add-on sets for the Diaclone Revival line. Both sets tie in to the upcoming Big Powered GV as well as other Diaclone items. Click through for pics and details!

The first is the DA-19 Big Powered GV Land Battle Cruiser. This includes the portion of Big Powered that converts into a trailer and base mode, as well as two pilots and some exclusive turret, connector, and pilot seat parts.

DA-19 is available for pre-order at BBTS here, and is priced at $90 with a release date of March 2018.
Next, DA-20 is a standalone release of the Powered Suit System E Type, which is the same suit that comes with Big Powered. It also comes with a pilot.

The suit is also slated for March 2018, and is listed at BBTS for $35. Visit TakaraTomy’s official Diaclone page for more pictures and details about these items, and when you’re done, come share your enthusiasm with us on our forums.