TRU Canada Listings, Stock Photos For Rodimus Unicronus, Starscream, Grimlock, Wave 1 Deluxes

Snakas reports that Toys R Us Canada has added listings for some current and upcoming Power of the Primes figures, including new stock photos for Rodimus Unicronus. The images are small, but offer a peek at the characters’ card art and emphasize poor Rodimus’ identity crisis.
We’ve seen Rodimus Unicronus’ in-package photo before, but the TRU listings include small versions of stock images of the combined robot, car, and evil campervan modes.

Joking aside, the trailer’s Decepticon insignias appear to be foil stickers, meaning they can be removed for consistency and Shattered Glass accuracy.
Also included are upcoming Voyagers Starscream and Grimlock, with a nice presentation of their accessories and their functionality.

Listings are also included for Slug, Swoop, Jazz, and Dreadwind, the four Deluxes who have been appearing at retail ahead of schedule in some locations. Check out all the Power of the Primes figure listings at Toys R Us Canada (none are in stock as of this writing, marked as “high demand” and currently out of stock) and see Snakas’ blog post for more information.
Finally, you can join our discussion in the Power of the Primes thread on the Allspark Forums to share your hype for these new releases.