The Titans Have in Fact Returned – Machinima Titans Return Episodes 1 & 2 Live on go90

The wait is over! Machinima has launched not one but two episodes of Titans Return on the go90 streaming service. Picking up with a summary of the events of Combiner Wars, the episodes set the stage for the new, significantly taller, conflict of the series. There’s no sign of any Titan Mastery as yet, but there sure are Titans!
Episode 1 and Episode 2 of Titans Return, “Aftermath and Rebirth” and “Our Heroes Respond”, have been sprung upon the unsuspecting go90. While the main beats of these two episodes were hinted at in the series trailer, there are some surprises here we won’t spoil and one we will.
Thanks to Allspark member Sabrblade for the heads up. You can join the riffs in the Titans Return spoilers discussion thread on the Allspark Forums.