The Spark in Review: Nov. 3, 2017

The Spark in Review is a run-down of the week’s news and reveals. This week’s news includes updates on Legends Greatshot and Grand Maximus, updates and an interview on IDW’s First Strike event, and more. Follow the forum link at the end of any article for up-to-date discussion on that topic.
Toy News and Reveals
There haven’t been many new upcoming toy reveals this week, but stock images broke yesterday for Power of the Primes Starscream, differing wildly from his convention case appearances and stock renders with an audacious foil-sticker jacket. There’s been some TakaraTomy Legends news with Grand Maximus slated to begin production, but without the Grand Pretender shell that made the concept so novel, and Greatshot’s package art leaked in sample form. Video reviews have begun to surface for Legends Triggerhappy, and his pack-in comic, along with those of Kickback and Gong, have materialized as scans. An interesting piece of concept art also surfaced, featuring Titans Return Wolfwire in an earlier form with a more centrally located cockpit.
A step away from the Generations world, we’ve seen new images of upcoming Rescue Bots Megabots Boulder in a new excavator alt mode, video turnarounds have been released of Diacone Big Powered GV with his imposing deco and articulated fingers, and Kidrobot has released images for an upcoming G.I. Joe lineup. Preorders have also opened for Robots in Disguise Warriors Thermidor and Bludgeon.
Hasbro has also announced its second HASCON event in Providence in September 2019.
Comics, Games, and Media
IDW comics has released their shipping list for November 8, and full previews are live of Transformers: First Strike #1, MASK: First Strike #1, Optimus Prime #12, and ROM #14, with alternate covers for Lost Light #11. IGN interviewed Editor-in-Chief David Hedgecock on the First Strike event and upcoming finale, and Amazon has opened preorders on the Optimus Prime Vol. 3 trade, while Star Wars Adventures Vol. 1 is already shipping.
Outside comics, the Generations 2018 mook is slated to include a new manga chapter and has had its cover art revealed. Movie news is scant, except that John Ortiz has been confirmed for an unknown role in the 2018 Bumblebee. Sporting an aggressive new design, Beast Wars Dinobot has appeared in Forged to Fight, and the impending Titans Return web series has been teased with another poster.
Outside the Transformers universe, Steven Universe is slated to (finally!) return with Season 5 on November 10.
Regular Items
Allspark’s own Action and Adventure podcast has released episode 12, “Sound Problems”, with discussions of the latest Transformers comics action. Don’t miss last week’s Allspark Art Showcase of Noideaforaname’s beautiful Halloween monster series, and stick around tomorrow for this week’s installment. If you’re feeling nostalgic or catching up, see last week’s Spark in Review for – what else? – last week’s news!