The Spark in Review: Nov. 24, 2017

This week is all about the toys, with new Power of the Primes assortments continuing to hit retail, new glimpses into upcoming Masterpiece figures, and a very unlikely crossover promotion. We’re still waiting on anything new from Cyberverse, but hey, there’s Machinima.
Toy News and Reveals
Power of the Primes has continued its rollout with Legends class figures beginning to appear in brick and mortar stores and online reviews, as well as the first wave of Prime Masters showing up (briefly) on HasbroToyShop, the latter of which we’ve featured in our own quick gallery. Meanwhile, fans discovered a real, actual hidden political slogan on the just-launched Power of the Primes Deluxe Jazz, reminding us all that nothing is sacred and that we just can’t have nice things.
What has to be one of the strangest Transformers promotional series also unexpectedly broke with Street Fighter II x Transformers, followed by official stock images and an in-hand video. Unlike prior crossovers or the upcoming TakaraTomy Star Wars lineup, the four figures are new decos of existing Generations molds in very literal interpretations of the human characters’ color layouts, and we eagerly await any fictional explanation of what we’re looking at here.
New images have also been released of TakaraTomy Legends Sixshot, Doublecross, Misfire, and Broadside, rounding out the Generations news. There’s been some news in TakaraTomy Masterpiece as well, with a detailed gallery of MP-12+ Sideswipe, the anime-oriented redeco meant to pair with the upcoming MP-39 Sunstreaker, as well as scans from Hero-X’s Generations 2018 featuring transformation photos and designer insights on Sunstreaker himself and MP-41 Dinobot.
Finally, the last RiD Legends class figure has hit retail with Twinferno, as we bid the line a fond farewell and look forward to it successor in Cyberverse.
For one last note in toys, Black Friday sales on Transformers figures and other toys have been popping up around the net, and offerings from site sponsors BigBadToyStore and TFsource are still ongoing.

Comics, Games, and Media
IDW has released their February solicitations and their shipping list for November 29, as well as a look into the upcoming four-part science-fantasy Viking saga, The Spider King.
Machinima launched the third episode of Titans Return, which continues the intrigue by raising more questions than it could ever answer and contains what might be the most deflating single line by a Megatron in Transfomers history.
Finally, some concept art from Transformers: Prime and RiD gives us a peek into the design process for their human characters particularly and a very different early take on RiD Sideswipe.
Regular Items
Action and Adventure launched a big one this week: Ep. 14 features Transformers comics scribe and continuity mogul John Barber. You can also check out last week’s news.
Our quote of the week comes from member Chip in a discussion of how TakaraTomy might choose to deco their releases of the Power of the Primes Dinobots:

Instead of the Marvel based Slash we got, I’m hoping for the Diaclone based color scheme she had in the cartoon. Blue instead of red, with the green sticker details that made it onto the cartoon model and ended up influencing her AOE toy colors.

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