The Spark in Review: Nov. 17, 2017

It’s been a week of first impressions as the first Power of the Primes Deluxes have filtered into Target shelves, fan hands, and YouTube reviews, probably in that order, alongside further reveals of Masterpiece Barricade and especially Dinobot. Meanwhile, the Titans have wandered back with the first two episodes of Machinima’s Titans Return series on go90.

Toy News and Reveals
The big news has been Power of the Primes Deluxes breaking on retail shelves well ahead of the December release date, and in-hand images and video reviews have showcased the new Jazz, Dreadwing, Swoop, and Slug. Hitting Targets (pun not evaded) under a new DCPI and SKU, a first for recent Generations launches, the figures have been variously appearing on shelves or simply waiting in back rooms for an upcoming reset. We’ve also posted a photo gallery of our own of these early-breaking figures.
Toys R Us Canada has also opened listings for these four figures, as well as Voyagers Grimlock and Starscream and the Shattered-Glass-based Leader Rodimus Unicronus.
We’ve also seen a detailed unveiling, followed by an even more detailed unveiling complete with sizzle reel, of upcoming Masterpiece Dinobot, who’s available for preorder at site sponsors TFSource and BigBadToyStore. Movie Masterpiece Barricade has been revealed in some glory as well, and similarly listed for preorder on TFSource.
Finally, we’ve posted a gallery of Legends Kup with Recoil, a divisive figure who differs dramatically in sculpt and deco from his US release in Titans Return.
Outside of Transformers news, TakaraTomy has announced two upcoming Diaclone accessory sets tying into the new Big Powered robot, available for preorder at BigBadToyStore.
Comics, Games, and Media
Machinima’s Titans Return has opened with two episodes on the go90 streaming service, alongside another behind-the-framerates video with the cast (although there’s no sign of a release to non-US viewers on YouTube this time around.) But sometimes it takes such adversity to bring out the best in our heroes, and Peter Cullen was interviewed by Collider on the occasion of the series launch to discuss the history and meaning of the Optimus Prime character.
It’s been pretty quiet on the comics front, but IDW has released their shipping list for November 22. I’ve always preferred shipping charts, myself.
Regular Items
As always, check out last week’s Art Showcase (a lovingly sculpted miniature of Steven Universe’s Lapis Lazuli) and the Spark in Review (aged like an expired box wine coupon) if you missed them, and be sure to check in again for our next Art Showcase pic tomorrow. You can also check out the winner and runners up for our Allspark Halloween Coloring Contest!
Quote of the Week
Our quote of the week comes from Allspark user Spark, who shared this musing when asked what happened to the Transformers design team led by Aaron Archer:

I’m pretty sure Aaron Archer is in a cabin on a mountain, chopping wood and communing with nature while being defended by his bear intern.  On a quiet, cool night, if you listen hard enough, you can hear him yelling about the color yellow.
Billy Rawley and Eric Siebenaler clearly got demotions and work on something called “Star Wars”.  Sounds violent.  It won’t last.
Joe Kyde exists in all of us.

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