The Spark in Review: Nov. 10, 2017

The news this week hasn’t been the maddest of caps, but with new reveals into the Titans Return web series barreling down upon us on Tuesday and two more rounds of Power of the Primes stock images to lust over, it’s a good time to pause and reflect on highest hopes and most moderated of expectations.
Toy News and Reveals
The biggest news this week in toys is a pair of stock image releases revealing Grimlock, Optimus, and Rodimus from new angles and a number of other in-package images, and like Starscream’s bestickered reveal last week, this is even their final form.
We’ve also seen preorders open for MP-41 Masterpiece Dinobot at an unexpected price, video reviews for the recently launched Legends Kickback and Gong / Brawn, and yet another confirmation of Takara’s new Movie-based toyline, now with a name: Transformers: Studio Series.
Finally, another round of reveals for Kidrobot’s Transformers vs. G.I. Joe shows off some very appealing little robot men with which to decorate the most stylish of desks.
Comics, Games, and Media
This may as easily belong in the Toys section, but the contents of  Hero-X Generations 2018 mook have been revealed, from behind-the-scenes design to manga chapters to a detailed look at MP-41 Dinobot.
In IDW comics news, we have the shipping list for Nov. 15 (I’m hoping for Rodimus x Drift) and iTunes previews for Optimus Prime #13 and Clue #6.
And then there’s Titans Return. With a trailer and a behind-the-scenes commentary short, the epic continuation of Combiner Wars is on track to live up to exactly the expectations set by its predecessor. If two unusually large robots punching each other in an empty street is a “level of chaos” that “we have never seen”, we can’t wait to see what it’s like once things really get rolling.
Regular Items
Allspark’s Action and Adventure podcast released Wednesday with Episode 13, “Inconclusive Conclusions.”  As always, check out last week’s Art Showcase (featuring a lovely Generations rendition of IDW Pharma) and the Spark in Review (featuring … news) if you missed them, and be sure to check out our next Art Showcase pic tomorrow!