TFSource Opens Preorders for MMC’s R-31 Ater Beta and R-32 Stray

Newly available for preorder from site sponsor TFSource, the obligatory companion piece to Mastermind Creations’ Aero Alpha: a familiar sports-car swordsman in two distinct decoes, as Ater Beta or Stray. The figure shares some tooling and engineering with his winged brother in arms, but a distinct aesthetic and a new alternate form that just looks delicious in black.
Stray’s red and white deco follows the comic design by Alex Milne from IDW’s Drift mini in his robot mode with a reinvented alternate mode. From the photos, it seems nicely distinct from Aero Alpha’s sweeping curves and aerial alternate form.

Ater Beta references the Deadlock color scheme, but is a simple redeco of Stray with different accessories. Whether he sells the Deadlock look is left to taste, but the car sure does look nice in black.

You can see the preorders and more photos for Ater Beta or Stray, or Aero Alpha if you haven’t snagged him yet, at TFSource. You can also discuss the trio in their discussion thread on the Allspark Forums.