“Studio Series” Movie Line Listed in Toys”R”Us Computers

2018’s live-action movie toyline, which has been the subject of several leaks, has had listings turn up in Toys”R”Us’s computer systems, giving us an idea of several pricepoints and some upcoming TRU exclusives. Read on for details!

One thing we learn from these listings is the name of 2018’s movie line – Studio Series – which from previous leaks we know will incorporate characters from both the new spin-off movie Bumblebee and from previous films. First up are the three core “traditional” size classes – two aren’t labelled, but can be identified by their price.
040172 – TRANSFORMERS PREMIER DELUXE – $19.99 4/20/18
040374 – TRANSFORMERS STUDIO SERIES – $29.99 7/01/18 (Voyager)
039360 – GEN STUDIO TRANSFORMERS – $49.99 4/20/18 (Leader)
We then have a couple of other products, including another “Energon Igniters” listing. We’ve previously seen listings surface for “Speed”, “Power” and “Nitro” Energon Igniters, while here we seem to have “Power Plus”.
039449 – TRA ENERGON IGNTRS PWRPLS – $14.26 4/20/18
039988 – TRA MV6 HERO VISION MASK – $49.99 4/20/18
Finally are a pair of TRU-exclusive products. One seems to be some kind of garage set, and suggests a human character named Rebekah, whilst the other is Thundercracker! Could the Seeker be appearing in the Bumblebee movie or is this just an unremarkable redeco of the leaked Voyager Starscream? Only time will tell!
040765 – EX TRANSFRMRS REBEKH GARAG – $29.99 01/01/18
040846 – EX TRA SEEKER THUNDERCRACK – $29.99 4/13/18
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