Rodimus Unicronus Packaging Revealed

Via DaimChoc Reports, we have another peek at the insidious and mustachioed retool and redeco of Rodimus Prime in Power of the Primes, Rodimus Unicronus, who is lovingly modeled after the Shattered Glass rendition of Rodimus Prime from Fun Publications. Interestingly, he bears the accurate purple Autobot insignia of a true evil Autobot – but his packaging doesn’t. 
To fangirl out for a moment, there’s a logic in this decision: not only does the Autobot insignia represent the Shattered Glass rendition of the evil Rodimus Prime, but the similarly evil Unicron himself is unaligned but traditionally delivered in Decepticon packaging for branding simplicity.

And who really cares about the cardboard anyway?
Thanks to evil doppelganger from another dimension Powered Convoy for sending this item our way. You can join our discussion in the Power of the Primes thread in the Allspark Forums and see the original posting on Facebook from DaimChoc Reports.