Power of the Primes Wave 1 Prime Masters Video Reviews

Reviewers Peaugh and Kevin Liu have released video reviews of PotP Wave 1 Prime Masters Liege Maximo, Vector Prime, and Micronus Prime, the Prime Master figures based on the classic G1 Pretenders Skullgrin, Metalhawk, and Cloudburst.

Prime Masters inherit the sub-Legends-class pricepoint in Power of the Primes previously inhabited by the single-packed Titan Masters, featuring classic Pretender shells as “Decoy Suits” and inner Master figures whose powers can be granted to any Deluxe or larger Transformer in the line.
See the reviews below to see the toys in action, or see our still gallery of the assortment for a closer look at some of the features. You can also discuss the figures and the reviews in our Power of the Primes thread.