Power of the Primes Prime Masters on HasbroToyShop! Vector, Micronus, Liege Maximo!

HasbroToyShop has listed the Micronus PrimeLiege Maximo, and Vector Prime Prime Master figures from Power of the Primes, at $4.99 each and apparently in stock!
The Prime Master figures replace Titans Return’s single-packed Titan Masters, with a Prime Master in place of a Titan Master and “Decoy Suits” in place of vehicles, each designed after a classic Pretender shell, though still with the TM vehicles’ ability to become a weapon for larger figures.

See the listings for Micronus PrimeLiege Maximo, and Vector Prime on HasbroToyShop.
This is the third price point of Power of the Primes to hit retail availability after Deluxes and Legends class figures appeared at brick and mortar stores, with any Voyagers or Leaders from Power of the Primes still to materialize. If you’re excited for the sudden launch of this line, join in the fanfare in the Power of the Primes thread at the Allspark Forums.