Power of the Primes Hits US Retail – In-Hand Images

Allspark user Dake happened upon a cache of Power of the Primes Deluxes at US retail. Wave 1 Deluxes have been appearing in spottily around the country, appearing in the US before even the Asian market and three weeks ahead of schedule. Dake shared some quick photos from his haul with fresh unboxing photos and some interesting packaging details. 
The pictures include Slug, Dreadwind, and Swoop in their robot modes, the Dinobots’ cardbacks, and some combiner hands pretending to be scorpions as a bonus.

Dake noted a couple of very odd observations about the packaging regarding the combination gimmick that is shared across all Power of the Primes Deluxe and Voyager class figures: First, there’s no mention of the feature on the cardbacks whatsoever. Second, the instructions offer no name for the example combiner featured, which features three Dinobots, but Jazz and the Decepticon Dreadwind substituted for the two Dinobot limbs scheduled for later release (much as Combiner Wars initially solicited with mixed teams.)
Join our discussion in the Power of the Primes thread on the Allspark forums. Thanks to Dake for sharing his treasures with us.
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