Legends LG-46 Targetmaster Kup and Recoil Gallery!

Gather round the Teletraan at the Allspark Studios and listen to the tale of a war hero like no other; Targetmaster Kup!  Check out our gallery to see if this gritty warrior is worth importing from a land afar!

This is another one where, like Hot Rod, I love both versions of the character.  Hasbro made a vibrantly colored Kup figure that fits perfect with the Titans Return line.  The deco works, and I can appreciate what they did for their market.  That being said, I may have more than a slight preference for the Legends figure, at least where the body and deco are concerned.

Changes to Note
Newly molded parts include the shoulders, forearms, and Titanmaster faceplate, as well as Targetmaster Recoil, who is a brand new figure.  The teals and detail paint ops are distinctly different, with the Legends version looking like he popped right out of an 80’s cartoon where the colors haven’t aged too well.  😀  It is also interesting to note that while they use the paint ops in sometimes very different ways, comparatively they have about the name number.

While Recoil shares the same basic “structure” as Firebolt, other than the thighs and should ball joints, he is a completely different figure.  They just happen to share the exact same transformation scheme, one that is thankfully not the same for all Targetmasters, as evidenced by the recent release of Triggerhappy and his partner, Blowpipe.

This is another one that is so different, you really need to get him if you are a fan of the classic cartoon look.  He isn’t perfect, and the face is a little off, but he’s about as perfect as I expect we will get in the near future, and he’s certainly the best Kup we have had to date.  I think that with all the changes, Legends Kup and Titans Return Kup can share a shelf, as either younger and older versions of the same character, or mold brothers with similar color schemes.  At any rate, I think this figure is well worth the import cost.