In-Hand Images of Takara Legends LG50 Sixshot, LG51 Doublecross, LG52 Misfire, and LG53 Broadside

Via Twitter user @Alfes2010, we have in-hand images of the latest releases in TakaraTomy’s Transformers Legends line: LG50 Sixshot, LG51 Targetmaster Doublecross, LG52 Targetmaster Misfire, and LG53 Broadside.

LG50 Sixshot is a redeco of Titans Return Six Shot with no stickers and instead of the Revolver head mold, Legends Sixshot comes with a new mold Headmaster.

LG51 Targetmaster Doublecross is a redeco of Titans Return Twinferno. Instead of Twinferno’s two handheld guns, Doublecross comes with a new mold Haywire Targetmaster. In addition, the Daburu head component has been redecoed as the Beastformer White Leo (aka Pirate Lion to Hasbro audiences), who in the Japanese Legends storyline has partnered up with Doublecross.

LG52 Targetmaster Misfire is a redeco of Titans Return Misfire. Instead of Hasbro Misfire’s two guns, Takara Misfire comes packaged with a brand-new Targetmaster Aimless.

LG53 Broadside is a redeco of Titans Return Broadside, with no stickers, and with a slightly redecoed version of Titans Return Repugnus’s beast accessory as the “Repug Armor”. The pack-in manga story has yet to be scanned, but presumably this drone is a makeshift body for the downsized Headmaster Repugnus that came packaged with last month’s LG48 Brawn.

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