“I’m Gonna Be Computron When I Grow Up” – Titans Return Cast Behind the Scenes

Machinima have posted another video with behind-the-scenes comments from the talent behind the Power of the Primes web cartoon, this time focusing on the new and returning voice cast members, from Abby Trott and Jason Marnocha to Michael Dorn and Judd Nelson. MatPat is also there.
The actors reflect on their feelings working with the project, such as Marnocha’s role as a sudden rookie alongside veterans and Judd Nelson’s appreciation of the freedom of voice acting.

Titans Return launches on Tuesday (Nov. 14) on go90. You can join our general discussion on the series, or sound off in the spoiler thread once the first episode hits, at the Allspark Forums. You can also see the original Facebook post by Machinima.
Thanks to genuine grown-up Computron, Powered Convoy, for this tip!