Contents of Hero-X Generations 2018 Revealed! has updated its Generations 2018 page with details on what fans can expect from the newest volume of the Japanese publication. Click through for a rundown with images!

The site showed off six features to be contained in the volume, along with (small, low-resolution) preview images. They are:

A TRANSFORMERS: Lost Age fold-out poster

Two comics set in the Legends universe

A lineup of recent and upcoming TRANSFORMERS: Legends releases

A feature on the upcoming Masterpiece Dinobot and his gimmicks (since the figure hasn’t had a full reveal yet, presumably this is why Hero-X is keeping it a “SECRET”)

A feature on TakaraTomy TRANSFORMERS: Lost Age products

And finally, “Backstage,” a section featuring sketches and design processes for items in the Masterpiece and Legends series.
Thanks to Allspark user Powered Convoy for alerting us to this news. Planning to pick up Generations 2018? Come let us know on our forums!