Video Review of Takara Legends Triggerhappy

YouTuber TryMeToons has posted an in-hand video review of the new Legends Targetmaster Triggerhappy (with Blowpipe) figure from TakaraTomy, including comparing the Legends version to the Titans Return version. Check out the video in Japanese after the jump!

As a reminder, Legends Targetmaster Triggerhappy is a minor redeco and slight retool of Titans Return Blowpipe & Triggerhappy. Whereas in the Hasbro version Blowpipe is Triggerhappy’s head-forming partner, in the Takara version Triggerhappy is the small head-former who controls a larger transtector body while also wielding Blowpipe, a new-mold Targetmaster gun.
Thanks to Allsparker Sprocket for alerting us to this news! You can join the discussion on the Allspark Forums here, and if you’re a new user make sure to get an account here!


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