Transformers: Combiner Wars Web Series Now Available on YouTube

Freed from its go90 prison, Transformers: Combiner Wars is now finally available in its entirety on YouTube in the US. It’s just in time to catch up or reflect on what’s come before, as the next installment, Titans Return, launches on November 14! (On, uh, go90.)


Whether you’re catching up or refreshing your memory, or just want to experience this example of an animated web series again, you can watch the full playlist of eight six-minute episodes here! In no way will it end in bloodshed and tears.
The series’ continuation in Titans Return promises to maintain the sophisticated storytelling of Combiner Wars and elevate the action to new “heights”, and stars Peter Cullen, Judd Nelson, Wil Wheaton, and others. Share your hype in our discussion on the Allspark Forums, here!