Titans Return Wingspan & Cloudraker Now At Canadian Retail

The Titans Return Wingspan / Cloudraker two-pack has been sighted at EB Games stores in Canada for the price of $26.99. Revamped from the 1987 Generation 1 Clones, Wingspan transforms into an eagle while Cloudraker transforms into a futuristic jet. The duo are retools of Pounce and Fastclash, who are available in the Siege on Cybertron and Chaos on Velocitron boxsets, respectively. Already out in Hasbro’s Asian markets, this is the first sighting of Wingspan and Cloudraker in North America. Hasbro stated that the Wingspan / Cloudraker set would be a Walgreens exclusive in the U.S., and indeed the Wingspan / Cloudraker packages sighted at EB Games have Walgreens stickers on them.

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