Titans Return Cartoon To Premiere 14 November 2017


Today we have confirmation from Hasbro via an updated series poster that the upcoming Transformers: Titans Return cartoon will premiere Tuesday 14 November 2017.

Featuring many new and returning cast members from Transformers: Combiner Wars, Transformers: Titans Return will air on the online go90 platform. As a reminder, this is the series premise:

Picking up right where the destruction of the Combiner Wars left off, TITANS RETURN takes the action of the Prime Wars Trilogy to new ‘heights,’ and features return appearances from many fan-favorite Transformers characters as well as introduces new Autobots and Decepticons. In the series, enormous Transformers called Titans are awakened and these massive characters bring massive problems. Trypticon, a gigantic lizard-like Transformer, rises to wreak havoc on Cybertron, while Windblade and a rag-tag team of Transformers must resurrect an ancient ally. Not all Transformers will survive, as beloved heroes are changed forever while others’ sparks are blown to oblivion. Like Combiner Wars, sophisticated storytelling reveals more than meets the eye for older audiences and kids of all ages when a sinister secret is discovered.”

For information on the cast, see here. For the first images of the series, see here. You can join the discussion on the Allspark Forums here, and if you’re a new user make sure to get an account here!


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