The Spark in Review: Oct. 27

The Spark in Review is a run-down of the week’s news and reveals. This week’s news includes hints of new figures for TakaraTomy’s upcoming Transformers Movie line and an interview with Bumblebee producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. If you’re interested in a story, follow the forum link at the end of that article for up-to-date discussion on that topic.
Toy News and Reveals
We’ve had a couple of peeks this week into an upcoming new line of Transformers Movie figures from across the franchise: First, a pair of digitally obscured images of new-mold Voyager figures for TF2007 Brawl and RotF Megatron with packaging details, and second, new listings from TakaraTomy corroborating an upcoming movie line and pointing to a previously rumored new-mold Leader Blackout along with other figures from the 2007 and later movies. A Reissue has also surfaced of Battle Command Optimus Prime.
Outside of the Movie franchise, another tease of Masterpiece Dinobot was released as a prototype photo featuring his lovingly sculpted dinosaur head and torso. Finally, in-hand photos have been produced of Legends Gong (Brawn), Triggerhappy, Kickback, and Clouder, with some significant differences from the US releases.
Cartoons, Comics, and Media
Continuing the movie theme of the toy reveals, the entire series will now be available on 4k Blu-ray on November 5. Looking forward, an interview with Lorenzo di Bonaventura reveals his thinking about the upcoming Bumblebee, what it has in common with the prior films, and where it will differ.
As always, we also have IDW’s comic Shipping List for November 1. And as an odd bonus (in a manner of speaking), the full Combiner Wars web series is now available on YouTube, although the continuation series Titans Return will still be exclusive to go90.
In one odd piece of news from elsewhere in the Hasbro universe, Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters now has a trailer and a November 17 Netflix release date, and we’re waiting to see how Hasbro handles its first real go at producing a streaming-exclusive series for one of its memorable toy brands.
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