The Return of Star Wars Transformers?

It’s been more than a decade since Star Wars and Transformers crossed paths, and it seems to be happening again! Thanks to Allspark users Spacewarp and Powered Convoy, we have imagery of what appear to be a Darth Vader/TIE Advanced, and a Millennium Falcon with an unknown humanoid mode. As far as we know, these items are slated to be released in 2018 in Japan only. More pics after the jump!

The photos originally game from the Facebook page of Loopaza Mega Store and Dengeki Hobby.
Here are photos of the Darth Vader figure, which seems to come with a garrison of Stormtroopers:

And here are the CG mockups of the Millennium Falcon:

It’s interesting to note that the last Star Wars/Transformers crossover line was developed solely by Hasbro, while this line appears to be a TakaraTomy venture.
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