TakaraTomy Rumors: Encore God Fire Convoy, LG Seaspray, LG Jumpstarters!

Starting the week off with some unprecedented rumors from overseas, it looks like Car Robots/Robots in Disguise fans might finally be getting their day with a potential Encore reissue of God Fire Convoy. The rumor came bundled with the next possible Legends releases, which included Seaspray with Lione, and Targetmaster versions of both Jumpstarters.

These rumors came via Planet Iacon, a Facebook page for the Transformers fan community in Singapore. Right now there’s not much beyond just the rumor, although the post claims these items could be released in March 2018.

Upcoming Takara Tomy TRANSFORMERS products:
– Transformers Encore Series God Fire Convoy
– LG64 Seaspray and Rione
– LG65 Target master Twin Twist
– LG66 Target Master Top Spin
Expected release in March 2018

The recent issue of Figure King had a blurb noting that Satoshi Hashimoto, Fire Convoy’s voice actor, was recording something – which could be related to this Encore release. New voice clips for God Fire Convoy? Time will tell.
Since the Jumpstarters were never Targetmasters, it’s possible they will come with Targetmaster partners intended for other figures in the LG line, similar to other recent releases like LG Doublecross.
Thanks to Allspark user Powered Convoy for tipping us off to these rumors.
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