Takara Legends Grand Maximus To Start Production

Via Twitter, TakaraTomy has announced that production on Legends LG-EX Grand Maximus will begin, having reached the necessary 2000 preorders to initiate production. However, the extra goal of 3000 preorders such that Grand Maximus will include a bonus Pretender suit has not yet been reached. Takara has also released sample packaging artwork for Grand Maximus.

Expected for released in March 2018, LG-EX Grand Maximus is currently listed at TakaraTomyMall for the price of 27000 yen (approximately $237 USD). Announced earlier this month, Grand Maximus is to be a redeco of Legends Fortress Maximus. The tentative Pretender Suit is to be a retool of the upcoming Power of the Primes Cloudburst Decoy Armor.

Remember that if you’re interested in owning him, site sponsors TFSource and BigBadToyStore have preorders now open for Grand Maximus.
Thanks to Allsparker extraordinaire Powered Convoy for alerting us to this news! You can join the discussion on the Allspark Forums here, and if you’re a new user make sure to get an account here!


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