Still More G1 Toy Concept Art – Octane, Car Launchers, and “Erasers”

Twitter user miiakira2017 has released still more images from early design phases of Diaclone or Generation 1 Transformers toys, including Octane, an unused concept for Car Robot or Autobot Car launchers, and figures described as “erasers”.

Octane wasn’t released under the Diaclone brand, though earlier fellow triple-changers like Astrotrain and Blitzwing were. This is clearly a very early pass with many details not yet settled on, but establishes the concept of a jetliner-tanker truck-robot figure.

Also included are a pair of “transforming” (that is, opening and closing) car launchers featuring Jazz and Sideswipe (or their predecessors), presumably working with a spring mechanism similar to that of Optimus Prime’s trailer’s launcher.

Finally, Grimlock, Bumblebee, a Seeker, and a Cassette feature as posed figures with removable weapons resembling those of their larger toy counterparts, including Bumblebee’s signature nothing. Whether these were an early form of the Decoy concept is unclear, but they feature interestingly streamlined yet pre-Marvel variations of their toy designs.

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